Conference of Cyprus - Invitation with information

07. March 2022r

Dear Pomerania Fleet members and friends

I hope you all are well and safe?

We almost finished worrying about the COVID situation and were hoping to enjoy some relaxation when the new emergency emerged. As for the war, a statement will be issued tomorrow.
This is probably not the best time to make solid plans but we made some commitments for 2022 and we will try to keep them.

As you know we have started the Prevent Plastic Pollution programme and planned a conference in Cyprus in April 2022. We will proceed with the activity.
We already have involved speakers and participants from a number of countries near Cyprus and from beyond the region.
The speakers will talk about:

  • current situation in maritime pollution
  • actions/ solutions being undertaken
  • what actions in the area of prevention/ awareness raising we can take

Also, there will be discussions on the topics presented.

We already have declarations of participation from the side of:

  • local Rotary Clubs
  • authorities of Cyprus and nearby countries
  • representatives of NGOs from the region
  • ISSA schools

The conference will take place in St Rafael's hotel near St. Rafael's marina in Limassol, Cyprus.
The plan for the event is as follows:

  • April 6 arrival
  • April 7-8 conference + sightseeing in and around Limassol
  • April 9-10 sailing along the Southern Coast of Cyprus
  • April 11-13 sight-seeing tour around (Southern) Cyprus

There are two airports near Limassol (both ca 30 min away from St. Rafael's marina)

I am sure you are all busy or even involved in assistance to Ukraine. However, I would still encourage you to join the event to:

  • be involved in the activity of PPP
  • have a break from thinking about the political/ war Situation
  • Word-Friedencall to start

Let me know please if you would like to obtain more information on the event.

Best regards
Tomasz Lipski


Conference in Cyprus April 6.-9., 2022/


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