01. September 2021r

IYFR Pomerania Fleet, together with the International Sailing Schools Association, has launched the PREVENT PLASTIC POLLUTION project as part of its further environmental activities. These actions are aimed at saving nature with a special emphasis on the water environment, where as sailors we spend a lot of time. The degradation of this environment caused by man cannot be overlooked. Without direct, concerted action on the part of the Hand-on, but above all educational action in schools, educational establishments, associations, clubs and also on a governmental level in ministries, we will not clean up nature. We must stop the degradation at its source. The plastic that is already so common has reached our stomachs after being broken down by friction, already as particles in water and food.

Animals take in plastic in their food or get entangled in it and die. They feed their young on plastic without being able to distinguish the pieces from their food and cause their death.

It is time to reduce these losses and bring about changes in people, industry and politics. Plastic is not our enemy, but we must learn to deal with it. We focus on environmental education and systematic cleaning of the environment.

We are convinced that professional ecological information based on scientific research, such as ecological savoir vivre available to all, QR codes, information boards, educational presentations and joint action with regions, municipalities, organisations and mainly people of goodwill, will allow us to restore what is due to nature - respect and for all of us the basis for a healthy life!

We invite you to cooperate with us. Every contribution is important.

Together we are strong!




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