Hello sailors of IYFR Pomerania Fleet

14. July 2021

After the flauty caused by pandemic and other factors independent of us, the breeze comes from us and after it wind. Pandemia-related regresses, thanks to vaccinations and other measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus, are unfolded.

In our opinion, it's time to start using the breeze ...

Unfortunately, to our regeneration, Jerzy Dominiak resigned from Fleet Commodore's functions for private reasons. However, it will remain as a treasurer on the bridge, devoted to us with all our heart and ... collected fleet's fund.

Due to the skip function goes automatically on Tomek Lipski, our current Rear Commodore, as the years 2021-23 are entitled to the Polish side. The German page was in 2019-21 and will be 2023-25 ​​with a Dieter Ambrosius in the main role. We also enjoy the Czech Tołtana, who thanks to Jurek agreed to hold the Rear Commodore function and will control the fleet in 2025-27. On 2027-29, Heralt Schöne expressed his readiness.

Tomek Lipski confirmed the takeover of the function. The secretary chooses a commander, so Rafal Kander gave himself to persuade and will be secretarized. Krzyska Dokowa, Heralt Schöne, Ola Schwarz and Tomek Brejdaka we asked for a further performing its functions. Everyone has confirmed their readiness. Thank you.

Current Pomerania Fleet Bridge:

Flotten Commodore
Tomasz Lipski
Flotten Vice Commodore
Dieter Ambrosius / Environmental officer
Flotten Rear Commodore
Czesław Kołtan / Event officer
Rafał Kander
Jerzy Dominiak
Past Fleet Commodore
Gert-Heinz Hirschmann
Founder Fleet Commodore
Jarosław Wistuba / PR officer
Past Fleet Commodore
Leszek Zdawski
Kpt. Berlin
Heralt Schöne / Environmental officer
Kpt. Szczecin
Krzysztof Dokowski
Officer Motorboot
Aleksander Szwarc
Officer Regatta
Tomasz Brejdak

For the first meeting of the bridge we invite you to Berlin on Monday, 26.07. At 17:00 (place of the meeting will be announced), where we will set a plan for the further procedure within and after the pandemic. Registration until 20.07.21 under: wistubajaro@hotmail.com

See you soon in Berlin.

kind regards
Gert-Heinz and Jarek